Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Inspira vs Vios vs Honda City

Toyota Vios specs:
engine: 1.5 cc
Horse Power: 109/6000rpm
Price: 71k-92k
Fuel Tank: 42L

Honda City specs:
engine: 1.5 cc
Horse Power: 120/6600rpm
Price: 85k-91k
Fuel Tank: 42L

Proton Inspira specs:
engine: 1.8 cc / 2.0 cc
Horse Power: 110/6000rpm
Price: 78k-92k
Fuel Tank: 59L

Three big family fighting on the road!... This preview is for fun only... If you have the money, which one will be yours?? These three sedan cars are quite okay for family car cos they have 5 seats as they are good car for youngster out there too! All the 3 cars have nice design... =)

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Surah At-Tawbah

Sahih International

Do you think that you will be left [as you are] while Allah has not yet made evident those among you who strive [for His cause] and do not take other than Allah , His Messenger and the believers as intimates? And Allah is Acquainted with what you do.

Adakah kamu menyangka, bahawa kamu akan dibiarkan (dalam keadaan kamu yang ada itu), padahal belum lagi terbukti kepada Allah (sebagaimana yang diketahuiNya) orang-orang yang berjihad di antara kamu dan yang tidak mengambil teman-teman rapat (untuk mencurahkan rahsia kepada mereka), selain daripada Allah dan RasulNya serta orang-orang yang beriman? Dan (ingatlah) Allah Maha Mengetahui secara mendalam akan apa yang kamu kerjakan.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I want my cake.....

u come uninvited...
u come when it's "empty"...
u offer me a cake...
u never give it yet...
I m waiting for the cake...
u know I m waiting...
u know...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

lets get in shape...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gran Turismo 5 (GT5) just you wait....

One of the PS3 game that I want to buy soon... The price RM 189 (mak datuk! mahal giler)

The picture of the gameplay. Let me explain a brief summary about this game:

Gran Turismo 5 is the first game in the franchise to include both mechanical and external damage modelling, including a real-time deformation engine that will process model deformation according to the speed and angle of impact. The cars in GT5 are separated into two categories, "standard" and "premium". Standard cars have standard headlights, and basic damage modelling. In addition, standard cars do not have any interior camera views. Premium cars feature headlights capable of high and low beams, detailed interior camera views, and detailed damage models. Premium cars also have working windshield wipers which can be used on tracks with rain or snow.(source:WIKIPIDIA)

So, it is like driving a real car because you need to get a certain licence to enter the race. People like me who will never get experience drive a luxury or expensive car this game will give me a real satisfaction. HAHA!

At last I owned a White PS3 and a 32” SONY LED TV!!

After a year planned to buy it with my little brother.

The day when I bought the PS3:

Abang: pe kes main ps2 lagi nie, dah simpan… buat semak bilik abang je…
Adik: jap bang dah nak abis nie…
Abang: simpan je la (nada naik tinggi ckit)
Adik: ye la… (muka x bole bla)
Abang: pg tgk dalam kete, ade ps3…
Adik: ye ke bang??
Abang: ye la, kemas tu dulu
(dengan sangat pantas kemas de… sambil berlari kluar rumah)
Adik: pergh!!!!!!! Ps3 putih tue……… (senyum macam org xbet0l)

The end…