Wednesday, November 24, 2010

i don't have title for this post...

Sometimes people asking me whether I am ok, what the **** they wan me to say?? No I m not ok, not fine, not feeling well, and then what???? So I will smile, laugh, and say I am just fine even though I am May in pain, dying inside… ever feel the same? My advice to you (yes U!, who are reading), why are u standing there?? Just go away! Seems rough ya… what to do… =)

I used to...



Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I am strong?? HAHA! yesssssss...

What is strong, hmmm… According to dictionary strong means having the necessary qualities to deal with stress, grief, loss, risk, and other difficulties or maybe being in good health. For anyone who ever feel lost, always remember that you are NEVER alone. It is a fact that you must think that you are strong. I promise time will heal you, through time too, you will learn how to be strong (like what I said before) by getting through the obstacles you may face now. Please remember in heart you are NEVER alone. You may feel the pain (it’s okay) but you will learn how to be calm by knowing how much problem you will get if you don’t watch your damn mouth (thumbs up, HAHA!). Its okay to be rejected by other people, but you must accept others. So let me clear myself, be strong!!!

Unknown girl: Can you lie just to be strong?

Peace maker: Hmmmm, maybe. But better you don’t lie because “hips don’t lie” HAHA!

Do N0T lie because you will live in the imagination world. Face the reality. Everyone has their own problems (we are human!), they may cry (do you cry?? Or make people cry for you? Think!), they might ever think the best time to give up, but they didn’t. You know the problem should be faced. Don’t be weak (thumbs up!). And although every human has their own weaknesses, try your best to be strong… REMEMBER YOU ARE NEVER ALONE. HELP YOURSELF, NO ONE WILL HELP YOU.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My pr0ject LC135...

Bike is like a s0ul for some pe0ple like me, because you use it everyday so you have to make sure that it fulfill your needs. For me, I want to add some modification so that it will look nice. HEHE!

Current look of my bike...

I m n0t a pers0n who ride bike very fast, I m a pers0n who enj0y riding bike (but sometimes u need to ride fast for any reas0n)

This another things I want to change at my bike (this photo is example), I want to change the disc and the fr0nt fork. It looks gorgeous! I like when my bike look nice and smart (just like the owner) haha!

Another modifications, I want to make at my bike:

1. Change seat
2. Change break disc
3. Change fr0nt fork
4. Change sp0ket (my uncle will give his hehehe =P)
5. Change fr0nt mud guard
6. Change absorber (when it becomes too soft)

But everything need money, so I might change when I have money hehe... Its a hobby to see your bike looks nice, f0r girls out there try to understand why boys love bike. A satisfaction for them to see their bike look nice...

This 2 photos are extreme make over, I wont do like this haha, if for display maybe can but I still need to use the bike...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Great Arowana in the wild

This are silver arowanas and their origins.

Arowana and My Yellow Tail

Arowanas are freshwater bony fish of the family Osteoglossidae. Arowanas are carnivorous, often being specialized surface feeders. They are excellent jumpers. Arowana species have been seen leaping more than 6 feet (almost 2 metres; can you imagine I’m only 1.7 metres) from the water surface to pick off insects and birds from overhanging branches in South America. Arowanas have been rumoured to capture prey as large as low flying bats. Arowana species typically grow to around 3 to 4 feet (as long as your hand) in captivity @ aquarium.

Types of Arowana in the world

1. Cross-Back Golden Arowana
2. Green arowana
3. RTG (Red Tailed Golden)
4. Yellow Tail
5. Red arowana
6. Pearl Arowana / Northern Barramundi
7. Spotted Barramundi
8. Black Arowana
9. Silver Arowana

On November 1, I bought one Yellow Tail Arowana with the tank. The fish (RM170) + the tank and its stand (RM 245) = RM 415!!!. I still can’t believe I really have spent that much for a fish, but I am happy with it. It’s kind of a new hobby for me. Since my mum not at home (go for haji) Yellow Tail is my loyal company for me. I feed him with small fishes and live worms. He is a big eater, shy, energetic (at night only), cute and scared. I hope I can raise him until 2 or 3 feet. My yellow tail only 6-8 cm for now and when I want to take picture he will hide so I can’t upload his photos. Maybe next time when he not scared to pose in front of camera like some of my friends. HEHEHE

This 2 pictures are fr0m internet, I hope my yellow tail will become like that. =P, Normally the colour will come out very bright when the fish matured.