Wednesday, December 28, 2011

my favorite character in Dragon Ball..

so stylo.....

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

lakaran bilik saya, haha!

funny! haha

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Done bath my sec0nd GF, BKT8987

Sorry Mr Bikey u fall number two cos of several reasons, its better for me not to tell you cos i don't want to hurt u that much.. By the way number two is not too bad rite, haha!

U used to be number 1 a year ago, but don't be too sad cos i will introduce the number 1 to u, okie dokie?? U will think why you deserve 2nd place hehehe.

but when I have car u will fall number three, oh no! i tell u now cos u will prepare mentally n physically. orait!

Mr Bikey oh Mr Bikey!

So u no need to take bath for another 3 months, haha! u have such a good owner Mr Bikey...

Alamak! tayar botak! its okay kite kurangkan layan lap k Mr Bikey! wait till i get salary soon, I will give u a new tayar. maybe a bit of new "make up", hehehe

Such a sweet MR BIKEY, but not as sweet as my first GF! bye bye! :P
MR BIKEY: I m so jeles with your first GF, boss!
ME: ade aku kesah?? lalala haha!
MR BIKEY: ok ok better than nothing rite......
ME: tau xpe, whahaha!

Friday, December 23, 2011


It sounds so sweet
Hearing that make me feel so weak
It’s really good to hear
That really meant to me?
Maybe is true
I can’t live without you
Hearing it making me hard to breath
When I’m down
I turn to you
I remember you calling me
It’s really good to hear your voice saying my name
I really hope it is for me

“Dear”... it’s really sweet to hear your lips calling my name

Saturday, December 17, 2011

My life full of Colors...

but not all colors make me happy... I guess that is life...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

lalala ♥

Spell it out for me: uoyssimi

Say it out for me: uoyevoli

Answer it for me: ?ouyeraerehw

Tell me what you see: ...uoyrofgnitiawmai

Thursday, November 10, 2011

cos i cant be there, so i ask this cat to sing for me..

Umur bukan ukuran pada amalan, tapi ia menjadi pengajaran supaya kita berfikir sejenak bahawa kita semakin hampir denganNYA. Jadikan hari ini sebagai permulaan kepada hari hari yang lebih baik di masa akan datang. SELAMAT MENYAMBUT HARI LAHIR! Thanks for letting me knowing you...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

September 8 Birthday Astrology VS November 10 Birthday Astrology

Virgos born on September 8 are searchers after truth. They may come to the deepest realization of self after suffering great pain or disappointment. They have a practical view of life, which allows them to withstand difficulties without losing faith. Knowing that they are better for having gone through their problems is a badge of honor.

Friends and Lovers

Friendship means a great deal to the men and women born on September 8. They feel a need to cultivate close relationships with people who share their values and beliefs. They have a similar feeling about love and romantic partners. Marriage is a logical step for them.

Children and Family

September 8 people are traditionalists -- this includes family relationships. They may have been given much responsibility as children and were molded by the experience. When they become parents, they tend to follow their upbringing. If these tactics are questioned by their spouse, they may amend their behavior to be less strict.


People born on this date are constantly worrying about their health, even when there is very little to worry about! This can lead to a fanatical approach to staying fit. The biggest lesson they can learn is that moderation is the key to success.

Career and Finances

September 8 natives are often groomed to go into the family business, even if that isn't what they want. They need to stand up to parents who may not understand their aspirations. Thanks to sensible spending habits, they have few problems with money.

Dreams and Goals

People born on this date want to know how they measure up to their ideal. They may have unwarranted doubts about themselves, but through a spiritual search are often able to uncover the essence of their being. They are not motivated by worldly rewards but by the realization they have made a prized goal come true.


Scorpios born on November 10 have so much strength of will that there is nothing they cannot accomplish. They possess a keen intelligence. However, they need to develop their spiritual side; if they do not, it becomes easier for them to be seduced by worldly attractions that bring little satisfaction.

Friends and Lovers

People born on this date retain a remarkable loyalty to friends, even if circumstances divide them. They have the ability to bond with others on a spiritual level. Romantic love is the most profound experience in their lives. They seek a soul mate, not just a partner. Even if hurt by the ones they love, they never lose their idealism.

Children and Family

November 10 people are devoted to their families and remain in touch with their childhood roots. They have a strict moral compass and rarely deviate from the values learned in youth. They expect a great deal from their children. They feel that whatever made good sense when they were children should still be respected now.


November 10 people have so much natural good health and vibrancy that it can be undermined only by their own actions. If they maintain a good health regimen throughout life, they are likely to live to a ripe old age. Although likely to be slim in youth, they need to increase their exercise level as they near middle age.

Career and Finances

People born on this date have a need to be involved in work that challenges them intellectually. They have a deep understanding of philosophy, science, and religion. Although they have the intelligence to handle their finances well, they have a generous nature and may often spend money foolishly.

Dreams and Goals

These individuals often have a hard time deciding on which goals they wish to achieve -- the spiritual ones or the material ones. This dichotomy plays out in their lives over and over again. When November 10 men and women are in pursuit of a goal, they turn all their talents toward achieving it.


Friends and Lovers - draw (it seems fair) 1-1
Children and Family - virgo wins as scorpio seems to be more strict, HEHEHE 1-0
Health - virgo wins again because he likes to stay fit, even though scorpio has natural good health, wahaha! 1-0
Career and Finances - sensible spending habits VS often spend money foolishly, of cos virgo again, hahaha! 1-0
Dreams and Goals - realization they have made a prized goal come true (priceless nie) VS hard time deciding on which goals they wish to achieve (ish, ish) bluek! 1-0

Total: Virgo man is dominating the game by 5-1, what a result! :P, don feel so sad scorpio woman. Virgo man loves you more than he loves himself, we share the price ok! :P

Sunday, October 30, 2011


A: Are you happy if i'm not around?

B: Why do you ask?

A: For fun, and I want to know.. so are you happy?

B: I never think that..

A: Why?

B: Cos I want you to be around..

A: I see.. just try think bout it?

B: No!

A: Why?

B: Cos I never think that you are not around!

A: Then I'll be around, hope you are happy... =)

B: =)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cahaya Wanita Yang Suci...

Friday, October 7, 2011


"Marry You" - Bruno Mars

It's a beautiful night,
We're looking for something dumb to do.
Hey baby,
I think I wanna marry you.

Is it the look in your eyes,
Or is it this dancing juice?
Who cares baby,
I think I wanna marry you.

Well I know this little chapel on the boulevard we can go,
No one will know,
Come on girl.
Who cares if we're trashed got a pocket full of cash we can blow,
Shots of patron,
And it's on girl.

Don't say no, no, no, no-no;
Just say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah;
And we'll go, go, go, go-go.
If you're ready, like I'm ready.

Cause it's a beautiful night,
We're looking for something dumb to do.
Hey baby,
I think I wanna marry you.

Is it the look in your eyes,
Or is it this dancing juice?
Who cares baby,
I think I wanna marry you.

I'll go get a ring let the choir bells sing like oooh,
So whatcha wanna do?
Let's just run girl.

If we wake up and you wanna break up that's cool.
No, I won't blame you;
It was fun girl.

Don't say no, no, no, no-no;
Just say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah;
And we'll go, go, go, go-go.
If you're ready, like I'm ready.

Cause it's a beautiful night,
We're looking for something dumb to do.
Hey baby,
I think I wanna marry you.

Is it the look in your eyes,
Or is it this dancing juice?
Who cares baby,
I think I wanna marry you.

Just say I do,
Tell me right now baby,
Tell me right now baby. [x2]

Cause it's a beautiful night,
We're looking for something dumb to do.
Hey baby,
I think I wanna marry you.

Is it the look in your eyes,
Or is it this dancing juice?
Who cares baby,
I think I wanna marry you.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Istikharah Cinta

Bersaksi cinta diatas cinta
Dalam alunan tasbih ku ini
Menerka hati yang tersembunyi
Berteman dimalam sunyi penuh do'a

Sebut nama Mu terukir merdu
Tertulis dalam sajadah cinta
Tetapkan pilihan sebagai teman
Kekal abadi hingga akhir zaman

Istikharah cinta memanggilku
Memohon petunjukmu
satu nama teman setia
Naluriku berkata

Dipenantian luahan rasa
Teguh satu pilihan
Pemenuh separuh nafasku
Dalam mahabbah rindu

diistikharah cinta..

p/s: peringatan yang sangat berguna kepada muslimin; (THANKS! for intruducing this song to me..)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

OH DARLING by Cady Groves

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tour de' Penang

Sedikit sebanyak ni lah gambar2 ku selama bercuti 3 hari 2 malam di penang:

Trip ini penuh bermakna kerana saya telah berjanji untuk menerjah rumah aboy @ amirul hamid, akhirnya menjadi kenyataan. Lepas ni xde lagi si aboy boleh mengugut saya yang slalu kate "aku dah pi umah ko", "ko pulak datang umah aku, jangan ak banyak bunyi, ed"

Ini gambar pertama yang di snap, macam biasa lokasi diluar rumah bahagian dapur yang menghadap pokok2 rumahku yang menghijau.

This is my mum, pelakon pembantu terbaik kerana pelakon utama cerita ini adalah saya. haha! trip bermula pada pukul 930 pg. Yg dimana saya akan drive sendiri sampai seksyen 17 (station bas s.alam), kemudian ibundaku akan pulang semula ke rumah.

Ini pula, anak sedara yang terpaksa dibawa kerana dia telah menjadi pengikut setia ibundaku. Muka baru bangun tido, wahaaha!

dah sampai station bas, tapi lom sarapan lagi. lapar! saya p0n pg makan sorg2 kat kawasan ni, sebab ibundaku terus balik. jam baru kul 10 (wa rilek lagi) tibe2 pas makan jam dah kul 1020. berlari2 ke bas tapi bas l0m sampai, macam biasa janji melayu. tiketku tertulis s.alam --> butterworth

English version:

This is where aboy's mum is teaching the children from the "whole" penang. The women in white is aboy's mum.

Again! this is me with the children at the Pusat Tusyen Matahari.

Jangan memain sama saya, kami sempat menyentap di rumah terbuka KETUA POLIS PULAU PINANG. Maklumlah org penting dari Selangor datang... :P, Disini juga saya dan aboy membuat kerja amal mengangkat AL Quran utk di Waqafkan. Sampai lencun baju sebab hujan, tapi AL QURAN selamat sampai. Fuuuhhh! rilek la aboi, org lain p0n makan gak... xpayah la nampak sangat mengunyah... LoL!

Lepas makan macam biasa pergi berfoya foya dengan abOy pusing penang... berposing sana sini... baju hampir kering...

Inilah gambar saye menawan pulau pinang!

kat Padang lama, tapi padang die nampak macam baru...

(gambar atas) pahal la mamat nie bergambar kat tengah jalan, x masuk akal langsung... :P

ada gaya tokoh negarawan x?? :P

Akhirnya dapat naik ferry! first time! Cool.... pada sesiapa yang mabuk laut tidak digalakkan...

naik ferry de... x penah naik?? jom lain kali kite pg.. :P

Muka mamat poyo macho, sebenarnya dia hanya pemandu saya. Macam transporter la tapi ala kamp0ng ckit...

Sempat pergi menjenguk kakak kawan aboi kawen.. hehehe... :P

Nasihat selepas berkampung di pulau pinang sorg2, 1. sila pastikan ada member macam aboi sbb sanggup meluangkan masa. 2. Pastikan anda tidak makan utk seminggu (rugi x makan kat penang oit! nasi 3 pagi, char kuew tiow udang perfect!) 3. pastikan berat anda dibawah tahap biasa sbb pas pg penang confirm naik 3-4 kilo 4. Utamakan keselamatan sbb penang sarang mat rempit (lebih specific belakang umah aboi tempat depa berlumba) haha!

Kalo rase macam xde sedara maup0n kawan kat butterworth, pg carik umah nie... :P

Monday, September 19, 2011

Long Lasting Relationship.

Who wants to have a short relationship?? Here some advice...

The best way to have a long lasting relationship is to COMMUNICATE with your partner about everything. Let your partner know how you feel about them and NEVER LIE to your partner, be honest at all times show your partner that you care about what they want and need. Make sure be aware of what's going on in your partner's life. Don't let that escape you from being supportive on all things and don't look down on his or her accomplishments. Make it a mission to STAND BEHIND them in all their decisions good or bad. Never argue over petty stuff like why you didn't call me at 3 or message me when you free or what so ever. Try be more FLEXIBLE with your partner. Don't have high expectations and push your things on your partner for example don't force her to watch a football when she's not interested in football and don't force him to go to one of your romance movies when you know he likes horrors or push him to accompany you shopping (some guys really don't really like). Learn to compromise about all things if she wants to go to the movies and you want to watch football, decide to go out with your friends that night and catch up with each other another night and have a romantic dinner or just do something you both like (no need to share here what you both like... :P). STAY POSITIVE and NEVER JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS. Don't accuse each other of wrong doing until you have the proves. Do things for each other just because you don't have to always do things together because it's a holiday or anniversary or a birthday, spend time together la maksudnya. Don't take each other for granted and please please please make your partner feeling meaningful and full of purpose in your life. Always say what you mean and mean what you say. One thing girls can't stand is for a guy to say "I'm going to do this and that and never come through a woman needs" in easy words "kau ape tau? banyak songeh la kau ni.. ". Make plans ahead of time don't procrastinate it looks bad when you wait to the last minute.

If you find something out about your partner don't ask other people about it, please go to him or her and SAY NICELY for example you just got to know that your partner sleep walking but he or she never tell you, you may use this "semalam saya nampak dear berjalan keluar bilik, haus ke malam2?, padahal you nampak die pejam mata berjalan2 pastu tido ntah kat mana2? just say it nicely and make jokes so that it wont seem a bad thing. Beware of friends and relatives because their quick to do more harm than good when they want to help you by being the bearer of bad news so it's always best to talk to your partner (find time to share about personal things). Get to know your partner and know their likes and dislikes for example "I like when you wear pink or I like when you kiss me or bla bla bla" (mulut ada sila lah tanya pasangan masing2). Don't keep secrets either because they will know about it one day. Make sure you know all of each other friends. You SHOULD NOT have secret friends. Don't pick out each others flaws. Learn to FORGIVE AND FORGET. People make mistakes. Learn how to say I'M SORRY but don't make it a habit and don't always apologize women as well as men because human get tired of it and it gets old afterwhile. Learn to ADMIT YOUR WRONG and accept it when someone else is right. Don't leave after an argument sit down and TALK EVERYTHING OUT. Don't share your relationship problems with your friends because they don't do nothing but give bad advice. Talk to your partner. I keep saying it Talk to your partner because it the best advice that I could ever give you. Make your relationship top priority and don't let your friends come before your relationship. It's true women come and go but friends are forever and so on vice versa. Tell her you love her or him. The most important follow what your religion ask you to do (TIADA AGAMA YANG SURUH BUAT BENDE TAK ELOK)

Be a friend, best friend, lover, what i mean here be everyone for your partner as we hold different responsibilities at different places.

I am not perfect too but things I can share I will share, segala contoh2 yang di beri hanyalah contoh semata mata. Tiada kene mengena antara alam roh dan manusia... :P

Friday, September 16, 2011


Boy: I give you my heart, will you keep it?

Girl: Not just keep, but taking care of it too.

Boy: How if you find someone better than me?

Girl: I found one.

Boy: Promise me you will never return my heart?

Girl: ....

Boy: You there?

Girl: ....

Boy: sleeping?

Girl: .... (zzzz)

Boy: zzzz LoL!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hensem VS Tak Hensem

Kalau lelaki handsome pendiam
Perempuan akan cakap: woow, cool giler…
Kalau lelaki tak handsome pendiam
Perempuan akan cakap: eh perasan bagus…

Kalau lelaki handsome berbuat jahat
Perempuan akan kata: nobody’s perfect
Kalau lelaki tak handsome berbuat jahat
Perempuan akan cakap: memang…. muka pun macam pecah rumah!

Kalau lelaki handsome menolong perempuan yg diganggu
Perempuan akan cakap: wah.. machonya.. macam hero filem!
Kalau lelaki tak handsome menolong perempuan yang diganggu
Perempuan akan kata: entah2 kawan dia…

Kalau lelaki handsome dapat perempuan cantik
Perempuan akan kata: sepadan sangat…
Kalau lelaki tak handsome dapat perempuan cantik
Perempuan akan kata: mesti kena bomoh perempuan tuh!

Kalau lelaki handsome ditinggal kekasih
Perempuan akan kata: jangan sedih, kan saya ada..
Kalau lelaki tak handsome ditinggal kekasih
Perempuan akan kata:…(terdiam, tapi telunjuknya meliuk-liuk dari atas ke bawah, patutlah, tengok saja luarannya)…

Kalau lelaki handsome penyayang binatang
Perempuan akan cakap: perasaannya halus…penuh kasih sayang
Kalau lelaki tak handsome penyayang binatang
Perempuan akan cakap: sesama keluarga memang harus menyayangi…

Kalau lelaki handsome bawa BMW
Perempuan akan cakap: matching… hebat luar dalam
Kalau lelaki tak handsome bawa BMW
Perempuan akan cakap: bang, bosnya mana?…

Kalau lelaki handsome tak mau bergambar
Perempuan akan cakap: pasti takut kalau2 gambarnya tersebar
Kalau lelaki tak handsome tak mau bergambar
Perempuan akan kata: tak sanggup melihat hasilnya ya?…

Kalau lelaki handsome menuang air ke gelas perempuan
Perempuan akan cakap:ini barulah lelaki gentlemen
Kalau lelaki tak handsome menuang air ke gelas perempuan
Perempuan akan cakap: naluri pembantu, memang begitu….

Kalau lelaki handsome bersedih hati
Perempuan akan cakap: let me be your shoulder to cry on
Kalau lelaki tak handsome bersedih hati
Perempuan akan kata: kuat nangis!! lelaki ke bukan ni?

inikah yang difikirkan oleh gegurl mase kini??
rupa paras yang penting ataupun hati dalaman??
jangan harapkan seorang yang handsome tetapi hati dalaman hancuss..
so,handsome or xhandsome??
lu orang pikirla sendiri..

p/s: Di copy terus dari blog: kerana amat menarik untuk di baca dan di kongsi bersama...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

How he maintains himself as Cristiano Ronaldo

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kehampaan Si Yelow Tail

Ekor Yellow Tail telah tersangkut di jaring ketika memasukkan nya semula ke dalam akuarium memyebabkan die dah xde ekor... sedey sedey...

A Miracle

Where there was loneliness now there is company,

Where there was emptiness now there is love,

Where there was darkness now there is light,

Where there was pain now there is bliss,

Where there was rage now there is respect,

Where there was scar now there is memory,

Where there was weakness now there is strength,

Where there was tears now there is smile,

Where there was fright now there is care,

I have been touched by an angel’s smile,

It’s a miracle...

Thursday, September 8, 2011


There are a lot of people who cares for me
But there is only ONE PRIVATE DOCTOR who can heal me

There are a lot of people who offers better massage
But there is only ONE TEACHER TO BE who I hope to massage me

There are a lot of people who enjoys my stupid stories
But there is only ONE PERSON who really laughs the way I want it to be

There are a lot of people who comes in my life
But there is only ONE HUMAN who I intend to stay

There are a lot of people who call me by my name
But there is only ONE GIRL who can make it sound so damn special

There are a lot of people who gives me presents
But there is only ONE RIGHT PERSON who can give me love and care

Can’t YOU see?

There are a lot of people out there
But there is only one... the only one that I really want...

sorry, I don't have title for this post.

I received this on 8 Sept...

Thanks for giving me the presents! I will wear it when the time is right... I will buy a sunglasses to match with the shirts... HEHEHE...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Try this..

For those who don't eat sayur @ vege, i guess better think twice.. wahaha! (but can give the vege to the pers0n next to you)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Bersyukurlah kamu dengan pemberian-NYA

وَإِذْ تَأَذَّنَ رَبُّكُمْ لَئِن شَكَرْتُمْ لأَزِيدَنَّكُمْ وَلَئِن كَفَرْتُمْ إِنَّ عَذَابِي لَشَدِيدٌ "Dan (ingatlah juga), tatkala Tuhanmu memaklumkan: "Sesungguhnya jika kamu bersyukur, pasti Kami akan menambah (nikmat) kepadamu, dan jika kamu mengingkari (nikmat-Ku), maka sesungguhnya azab-Ku sangat pedih".

Sunday, August 7, 2011

No “vege” added and it is fresh

I will never give up oN you

because yoU are my everything after my family.

I am Ready to give full commitment and make you happy

and All I ever wanted to see is your sweet smile.

I hope you are Fine to know someone like me

who Is not the best man in the world,

but enough to be the best man For you I guess.

I just wAnt to put my trust on you

and hoping to get VIP seat inside your Heart


I am so alone wIthout you by my side.

I don’t know if this what we call Love but I believe it.

I want to be your trOublemaker,

and liVe with someone who likes to be called


sorrY if sometimes I might be too naive

Let’s hOpe we can be together and work for it

Because this is a secret message for yoU, I don’t want to lose it.

Password: my911-110-01-5228
Taken from a book entitle: Matter of Time by N.A

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Salam Ramadhan...

Friday, July 29, 2011


If you love someone let she go,
If she comes back to you, she is yours...
If she doesn't , she never was... edz, 2011

Wanita Yang Tidak Disukai Lelaki...

1. Wanita Lancang dan Mengawal Suaminya - Setiap lelaki selalu merindukan pendamping hidup yang solehah, taat beragama dan tunduk kepada ALLAH dan RasulNYA. Dan setiap kaum lelaki benci terhadap wanita yang gilakan kuasa, gemar mengawal suami dan sentiasa mahu menang. Bahkan suaminya sering kali dianggap tidak wujud.

2. Wanita Yang Gemar Mengeruhkan Keadaan - Dia selalu curiga, berprasangka buruk dan tidak senang melihat suasana senang.

3. Wanita Yang Bijak Berkata - Selalu ingin menonjol dan mempamerkan kemampuan. Pendapatnya tidak boleh dibantah.

4. Wanita Egois - Wanita ini tidak mahu melayani namun selalu minta dilayani.

5. Wanita Tomboi - Menyerupai lelaki. Sah tidak disukai.

6. Wanita Yang Gemar Menentang - Keras kepala dalam mewujudkan kemahuannya, tidak mahu tunduk kepada sesiapa (termasuk suami). Inilah wanita yang paling dibenci oleh kaum lelaki.

7. Wanita Yang Tiada Bercita-cita - Jenis wanita yang hanya menganggap bahawa tujuan hidup paling akhir adlah menikah dan setelah itu semuanya dianggap selesai. Tidak ada cita cita atau harapan.

8. Wanita Pendusta - Terbiasa berdusta dan asyik dengan gaya hidup yang palsu.

9. Wanita Yang Gemar Berleter - Membebel tanpa tujuan dan faedah. Bicaranyan tanpa kawalan dan ttidak memghiraukan lawan bicaranya.

Wahai wanita diluar sana elakkan lah diri daripada menjadi 9 punca wanita yang tidak disukai lelaki. INSYAALLAH kita mengharapkan yang terbaik dari kedua-dua pihak. Sikap manusia boleh diubah sekiranya kita mahu mengubahnya.

P/S: Di adaptasi dari sebuah buku "Indahnya Kahwin Muda" oleh SYAWANA AZIZ

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

emergency call...

What will you do when someone locks you outside the house??

Here some tips...

Errr.. I can’t think of anything now...

Should I call 911??

Yup I called “my 911” in my phone...

The conversation:

Me: Assalamualaikum
“The Operator girl”: Waalaikumssalam
Me: Buat ape??
“The Operator girl”: Membaca....
Bla bla bla...

I thought the emergency call will make feel better but it makes me feel SUPERB!!!

I heard the laughter! A sweet one after I told that I was locked outside the house...

And it makes me feel happy too...

Honestly, it was funny when you were locked outside...

We chat for awhile...

Bla bla bla bla again...

Suddenly azan, we stop...

After a few moment my mum comes back, of course,

Another laugh again + my brother too...


A good memory actually...

Bluek! Laugh ya?? Just you wait... :P

P/S: “The Operator Girl” adalah nama samaran sahaja, dan ini adalah cerita dari seorang sahabat kepada sahabat.
Bak kata seorang lagi sahabat baik: “Life only passes us once: Today’s moment becomes tomorrow’s memory, Enjoy every moment good or bad, because the gift of life is life itself”

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The reality that is waiting out there when new chapter of our life start

I try to search on google what I should do when I start working but nothing much information that I can get. So I make my own “plan” of my life and I hope it goes well (INSYAALLAH)...

There are few things that I think are very vital for fresh blood out there to do when they start working because one day they will think like this: “why I don’t do this earlier” we hope we are not one of them but as long as you prepare yourself for the waves ahead it should be fine. I call this as investment for things we may encounter in the future. Musibah datang dalam pelbagai keadaan dan bentuk.

1. The most important is SAVE money because there is no easy way of getting rich. From what I have read from books we should save around 10% - 30% of our salary. It seems like little but try to count if your salary is RM 2400 every month (30% = RM720, 20% = RM480, 10% = RM240) – you may in ASB, ASN or anything that can give the best return for you

2. Try to take INSURANCE for yourself first. Some people they may think is not worth it because they might think nothing will happen to them, well you are wrong! Accident happens in life because I have learnt from my experience. There are 2 types of insurance: 1. Insurance (cover your medical without any saving) 2. Insurance + saving (if you pay RM100, RM50 for medical cover and another RM50 is for saving but it depends on the margin you make with the insurance company when you sign the contract. It can be 50:50, 60:40, etc) – why take insurance? Let say you break your hand while playing football and you don’t have cash (insurance will cover you). You can say you can go to government hospital, yes you can try but you will be OKU first before they operate you because government means wait. Congratulation you are under waiting list! So wait until you cacat. So take insurance my friends!

3. Buy a HOUSE? Or CAR? Well, I would say wait for a little longer because you need to think where you want to settle down with your life partner. As for car, you can buy but don’t make it a burden for you yet if you cannot afford. Once you have commitment with car you will have no life for the rest of next 7 or 9 years (RM6xx every month if you take PESONA). Trust me, when other people can bring out their family out for dinner (once in awhile) you keep counting how much your money left in your wallet because of car. You can buy a car when your pay increases around RM3oo0 (maybe more). If you buy a car right after you work, you’ll get a hard life in the future. You can’t get married yet because all your money goes to the car and you need around RM20k (at least) to get married. Well you can say bye bye to your girlfriend.

4. Better get married first, and then can think about car after that a house (my suggestion only). In my plan I want to get married before I turn 26, I hope I find someone who understands me well. I can only planning the authority is not in my hand but ALLAH. (Doa, doa, doa) haha! – A house is a good investment for the future (big or small it doesn’t matter as long as your OWN house). Don’t see your life as a part but see as a whole. Kata orang jawa: “fail to plan is like plan to fail”

5. If you come from a rich family, all this craps doesn’t count (that is your luck come from a rich family) for me I want to work hard for myself and family and future family. I want to be successful in life and want to make people around me happy. The BEST INVESTMENT for muslim is in the mosque (solatlah dan berdermalah di jalan ALLAH nescaya kamu akan di bantu kelak). You will get the dividend after you passed away.

“The view from down here seems fine, but you should see the view from up there it much clearer” edz, 2011

P/S: I hope this post helps for those who needs help, if you have suggestions feel free to comment. Thanks!

Wanita Yang Mudah Mendapat Jodoh

1. Wanita Beragama dan Ahli Ibadah

2. Wanita yang Berakhlak Mulia

3. Berparas Cantik dan Menawan Hati

4. Wanita Cerdas dan Berketrampilan

5. Memiliki Latar Belakang Yang Baik

6. Memiliki Pemahaman yang Benar dalam Ilmu Agama

7. Sihat Jasmani

8. Wanita yang Sederhana

9. Pandai mengatur Rumahtangga

10. Wanita yang sanggup hidup Sengsara

P/S: Di adaptasi dari sebuah buku "Indahnya Kahwin Muda" oleh SYAWANA AZIZ

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lelaki Yang Sangat Disukai Wanita...

1. Lelaki Beragama dan Taat beribadah

- siapa yang tidak mahu memiliki seorang lelaki yang beragama (yang ni tak payah explain)

2. Lelaki Berkeperibadian Tinggi, Berpendirian Teguh dan Suka Bekerja Keras

- lelaki yang mampu menghadapi pelbagai tentangan dan masalah hidup, rajin bekerja untuk menafkahi keluarga

3. Lelaki Yang Memberi Perhatian dalam Memahami Tabiat dan Perasaan Wanita

- lelaki yang pandai mengambil hati wanita dan memahami perasaan mereka

4. Beraklak Mulia dan Dermawan

- ni paham kot, jangan la kedekut sangat

5. Peribadi Pemberani

- wanita suka pada lelaki yang boleh memberi perlindungan kepada mereka, mereka spesis yang bergantung... :P (so lelaki jadi tempat bergantung yang baik)

6. Lelaki Bersih dan Rapi

- jaga penampilan (wanita akan bangga sekiranya suami mereka berketrampilan)

7. Lelaki Yang Sederhana dan Pandai Menjaga Rahsia

- yang ni penting! jangan menunjuk2 dan jaga rahsia bersama

8. Lelaki Yang Berpengaruh dan Status Yang Tinggi

- bukan bermaksud mempunyai jawatan tinggi (tapi kalau ada plus point kepada mereka), ni lebih bermaksud yang mempunyai ilmu dunia dan akhirat

9. Lelaki Ceria dan Pandai Bergurau

- errrr, ni sifat semula jadi kot, tapi boleh di latih..

10. Lelaki Yang Memiliki Rasa Cemburu Pada Isterinya

- bukan cemburu buta, tapi cukup untuk si isteri mengetahui yang dia hanya yang satu bertahkta di hati

11. Lelaki Yang Mencintai Isteri Secara Tulus

- jangan main kayu dua @ tiga @ empat

12. Lelaki Yang Suka Membantu Isteri.

- jangan la berat tulang sangat, kalau isteri masak yang lelakinya basuh pinggan, kalau isteri basuh kain yang lelakinya pergi jemur, kalau isteri kemas bilik yang lelakinya lipat baju... :P (bersatu kita teguh bercerai kita roboh)

P/S: Di adaptasi dari sebuah buku "Indahnya Kahwin Muda" oleh SYAWANA AZIZ, next post will be on Wanita Yang Mudah Mendapat Jodoh

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why do people get fever??

To really understand what a fever is, you need to say hello to the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is in the center of your brain. Think of it as your body's thermostat — like that thing on the wall in your house that you use to set the heat or the air conditioning. Your hypothalamus knows what temperature your body should be and will send messages to your body to keep it that way.

Once these germs march in and make you sick, they can sometimes cause certain chemicals to flow into your blood. When your hypothalamus gets word that these chemicals are on the scene, it automatically sets your body's thermostat higher. Instead of saying your body should be 98.6° F (37° C), your body's thermostat might say that it should be 102° F (38.9° C).

Why does the hypothalamus tell your body to change to a new temperature? Researchers believe turning up the heat is the body's way of fighting the germs and making your body a less comfortable place for them. A fever is also a good signal to you, your parents, and your doctor that you are sick. Without fever, it's much more difficult to tell if a person has an infection. That's why grown-ups are concerned when you have a fever.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Indahnya Islam itu...

"Dan di antara tanda-tanda kebesaran ALLAH itu bahawa Dia jadikan bagi kamu pasangan hidup agar kamu mendapatkan ketenangan/kebahagiaan bersamanya. Kemudian ALLAH ciptakan di antara kamu mawaddah dan rahmah"

(Surah Al-Rum, ayat 21)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

14 Syaaban 1432H

Nisfu Syaaban - 16 Julai 2011

Amalan pada malam Nisfu Syaaban:

Apabila telah selesai solat maghrib kata Imam Syahrurazi, Sohiba (Awariful Maarif) hendaklah dibaca “Yasin” dengan diniatkan mohon dipanjangkan umurnya dalam mentaati Allah, kemudian dibacakan doanya. Kemudian dibacakan pula "Yasin" dengan diniatkan diluaskan Allah rezkinya yang halal dan diberkatinya, kemudian lalu dibacakan doanya. Kemudian dibacakan pula "Yasin" serta diniatkan minta dimatikan dalam iman, kemudian dibacakan doanya.

Sabda Rasulullah S.A.W. :-

“Segerakanlah mengerjakan amal-amal soleh sebelum kamu sibuk, dan adakanlah perhubungan di antara kamu dengan Tuhan kamu dengan memperbanyakkan zikir (ingatan) kepadaNya.”

Semoga hidup kita di dunia ini penuh dengan keberkatan dan keredhaan oleh ALLAH Allah S.W.T. InsyaAllah.