Sunday, July 24, 2011

The reality that is waiting out there when new chapter of our life start

I try to search on google what I should do when I start working but nothing much information that I can get. So I make my own “plan” of my life and I hope it goes well (INSYAALLAH)...

There are few things that I think are very vital for fresh blood out there to do when they start working because one day they will think like this: “why I don’t do this earlier” we hope we are not one of them but as long as you prepare yourself for the waves ahead it should be fine. I call this as investment for things we may encounter in the future. Musibah datang dalam pelbagai keadaan dan bentuk.

1. The most important is SAVE money because there is no easy way of getting rich. From what I have read from books we should save around 10% - 30% of our salary. It seems like little but try to count if your salary is RM 2400 every month (30% = RM720, 20% = RM480, 10% = RM240) – you may in ASB, ASN or anything that can give the best return for you

2. Try to take INSURANCE for yourself first. Some people they may think is not worth it because they might think nothing will happen to them, well you are wrong! Accident happens in life because I have learnt from my experience. There are 2 types of insurance: 1. Insurance (cover your medical without any saving) 2. Insurance + saving (if you pay RM100, RM50 for medical cover and another RM50 is for saving but it depends on the margin you make with the insurance company when you sign the contract. It can be 50:50, 60:40, etc) – why take insurance? Let say you break your hand while playing football and you don’t have cash (insurance will cover you). You can say you can go to government hospital, yes you can try but you will be OKU first before they operate you because government means wait. Congratulation you are under waiting list! So wait until you cacat. So take insurance my friends!

3. Buy a HOUSE? Or CAR? Well, I would say wait for a little longer because you need to think where you want to settle down with your life partner. As for car, you can buy but don’t make it a burden for you yet if you cannot afford. Once you have commitment with car you will have no life for the rest of next 7 or 9 years (RM6xx every month if you take PESONA). Trust me, when other people can bring out their family out for dinner (once in awhile) you keep counting how much your money left in your wallet because of car. You can buy a car when your pay increases around RM3oo0 (maybe more). If you buy a car right after you work, you’ll get a hard life in the future. You can’t get married yet because all your money goes to the car and you need around RM20k (at least) to get married. Well you can say bye bye to your girlfriend.

4. Better get married first, and then can think about car after that a house (my suggestion only). In my plan I want to get married before I turn 26, I hope I find someone who understands me well. I can only planning the authority is not in my hand but ALLAH. (Doa, doa, doa) haha! – A house is a good investment for the future (big or small it doesn’t matter as long as your OWN house). Don’t see your life as a part but see as a whole. Kata orang jawa: “fail to plan is like plan to fail”

5. If you come from a rich family, all this craps doesn’t count (that is your luck come from a rich family) for me I want to work hard for myself and family and future family. I want to be successful in life and want to make people around me happy. The BEST INVESTMENT for muslim is in the mosque (solatlah dan berdermalah di jalan ALLAH nescaya kamu akan di bantu kelak). You will get the dividend after you passed away.

“The view from down here seems fine, but you should see the view from up there it much clearer” edz, 2011

P/S: I hope this post helps for those who needs help, if you have suggestions feel free to comment. Thanks!


Memer said...

Good planning you have up there. All the best to you and your future!

edz said...

yup! yup! Life is about planning, you too! all the best for your future!

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