Sunday, December 25, 2011

Done bath my sec0nd GF, BKT8987

Sorry Mr Bikey u fall number two cos of several reasons, its better for me not to tell you cos i don't want to hurt u that much.. By the way number two is not too bad rite, haha!

U used to be number 1 a year ago, but don't be too sad cos i will introduce the number 1 to u, okie dokie?? U will think why you deserve 2nd place hehehe.

but when I have car u will fall number three, oh no! i tell u now cos u will prepare mentally n physically. orait!

Mr Bikey oh Mr Bikey!

So u no need to take bath for another 3 months, haha! u have such a good owner Mr Bikey...

Alamak! tayar botak! its okay kite kurangkan layan lap k Mr Bikey! wait till i get salary soon, I will give u a new tayar. maybe a bit of new "make up", hehehe

Such a sweet MR BIKEY, but not as sweet as my first GF! bye bye! :P
MR BIKEY: I m so jeles with your first GF, boss!
ME: ade aku kesah?? lalala haha!
MR BIKEY: ok ok better than nothing rite......
ME: tau xpe, whahaha!


izfanora said...


be a no. 2 just sbb xleh nk beranak.. :P LOL

kt sini ada juga yg nk kena dibasuh. xnk buka carwash ker? hehehe..

Anonymous said...

better to have something than nothing....and being jealous with someone who is sweetest than u ain't a crime..ain't a sin either..hahaha..u have to live on with just that 'title'..i feel sorry for u..:P


edz said...

izfanora: xnak! haha.. mesti la yang gf 1 boleh beranak punyer.. LoL!

edz said...

@))--^--- is not a sin but u just make a big crime here! i must "catch" u.. no one mess with my 2nd GF.. :P

Yvonne Ling said...

Long time din see ur second GF. looking good! haha!
careful with the 'tayar's!

nurfarah wahidah said...

ehem3... wondering who's the 1st gf of yours... :P

edz said...

lets wonder together hehehehe

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