Monday, September 19, 2011

Long Lasting Relationship.

Who wants to have a short relationship?? Here some advice...

The best way to have a long lasting relationship is to COMMUNICATE with your partner about everything. Let your partner know how you feel about them and NEVER LIE to your partner, be honest at all times show your partner that you care about what they want and need. Make sure be aware of what's going on in your partner's life. Don't let that escape you from being supportive on all things and don't look down on his or her accomplishments. Make it a mission to STAND BEHIND them in all their decisions good or bad. Never argue over petty stuff like why you didn't call me at 3 or message me when you free or what so ever. Try be more FLEXIBLE with your partner. Don't have high expectations and push your things on your partner for example don't force her to watch a football when she's not interested in football and don't force him to go to one of your romance movies when you know he likes horrors or push him to accompany you shopping (some guys really don't really like). Learn to compromise about all things if she wants to go to the movies and you want to watch football, decide to go out with your friends that night and catch up with each other another night and have a romantic dinner or just do something you both like (no need to share here what you both like... :P). STAY POSITIVE and NEVER JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS. Don't accuse each other of wrong doing until you have the proves. Do things for each other just because you don't have to always do things together because it's a holiday or anniversary or a birthday, spend time together la maksudnya. Don't take each other for granted and please please please make your partner feeling meaningful and full of purpose in your life. Always say what you mean and mean what you say. One thing girls can't stand is for a guy to say "I'm going to do this and that and never come through a woman needs" in easy words "kau ape tau? banyak songeh la kau ni.. ". Make plans ahead of time don't procrastinate it looks bad when you wait to the last minute.

If you find something out about your partner don't ask other people about it, please go to him or her and SAY NICELY for example you just got to know that your partner sleep walking but he or she never tell you, you may use this "semalam saya nampak dear berjalan keluar bilik, haus ke malam2?, padahal you nampak die pejam mata berjalan2 pastu tido ntah kat mana2? just say it nicely and make jokes so that it wont seem a bad thing. Beware of friends and relatives because their quick to do more harm than good when they want to help you by being the bearer of bad news so it's always best to talk to your partner (find time to share about personal things). Get to know your partner and know their likes and dislikes for example "I like when you wear pink or I like when you kiss me or bla bla bla" (mulut ada sila lah tanya pasangan masing2). Don't keep secrets either because they will know about it one day. Make sure you know all of each other friends. You SHOULD NOT have secret friends. Don't pick out each others flaws. Learn to FORGIVE AND FORGET. People make mistakes. Learn how to say I'M SORRY but don't make it a habit and don't always apologize women as well as men because human get tired of it and it gets old afterwhile. Learn to ADMIT YOUR WRONG and accept it when someone else is right. Don't leave after an argument sit down and TALK EVERYTHING OUT. Don't share your relationship problems with your friends because they don't do nothing but give bad advice. Talk to your partner. I keep saying it Talk to your partner because it the best advice that I could ever give you. Make your relationship top priority and don't let your friends come before your relationship. It's true women come and go but friends are forever and so on vice versa. Tell her you love her or him. The most important follow what your religion ask you to do (TIADA AGAMA YANG SURUH BUAT BENDE TAK ELOK)

Be a friend, best friend, lover, what i mean here be everyone for your partner as we hold different responsibilities at different places.

I am not perfect too but things I can share I will share, segala contoh2 yang di beri hanyalah contoh semata mata. Tiada kene mengena antara alam roh dan manusia... :P


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