Sunday, August 7, 2011

No “vege” added and it is fresh

I will never give up oN you

because yoU are my everything after my family.

I am Ready to give full commitment and make you happy

and All I ever wanted to see is your sweet smile.

I hope you are Fine to know someone like me

who Is not the best man in the world,

but enough to be the best man For you I guess.

I just wAnt to put my trust on you

and hoping to get VIP seat inside your Heart


I am so alone wIthout you by my side.

I don’t know if this what we call Love but I believe it.

I want to be your trOublemaker,

and liVe with someone who likes to be called


sorrY if sometimes I might be too naive

Let’s hOpe we can be together and work for it

Because this is a secret message for yoU, I don’t want to lose it.

Password: my911-110-01-5228
Taken from a book entitle: Matter of Time by N.A


Melancholic Fool said...

i can see her name and what you are trying to tell her... but in the lit aspects - this is brilliant...

and oh, good luck!

Memer said...

Wei, ko keje ke skrg? ak dgr ko keje? keje mana?

izfanora said...

wah.. sangat bertuah wanita itu..

edz said...

no comments ... :P

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