Sunday, October 30, 2011


A: Are you happy if i'm not around?

B: Why do you ask?

A: For fun, and I want to know.. so are you happy?

B: I never think that..

A: Why?

B: Cos I want you to be around..

A: I see.. just try think bout it?

B: No!

A: Why?

B: Cos I never think that you are not around!

A: Then I'll be around, hope you are happy... =)

B: =)


Anonymous said...

need u to be around me forever. smile, smile and smile. and say that, u also need me to be around u.

maybe just dream, dream and dream. forget it...

edz said...

everything start with a dream, so work hard for your dream... =)

Anonymous said...

entry yg menarik!!(speechless):P

edz said...

all my posts memang menarik p0wn haha!, bluek!

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