Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I am strong?? HAHA! yesssssss...

What is strong, hmmm… According to dictionary strong means having the necessary qualities to deal with stress, grief, loss, risk, and other difficulties or maybe being in good health. For anyone who ever feel lost, always remember that you are NEVER alone. It is a fact that you must think that you are strong. I promise time will heal you, through time too, you will learn how to be strong (like what I said before) by getting through the obstacles you may face now. Please remember in heart you are NEVER alone. You may feel the pain (it’s okay) but you will learn how to be calm by knowing how much problem you will get if you don’t watch your damn mouth (thumbs up, HAHA!). Its okay to be rejected by other people, but you must accept others. So let me clear myself, be strong!!!

Unknown girl: Can you lie just to be strong?

Peace maker: Hmmmm, maybe. But better you don’t lie because “hips don’t lie” HAHA!

Do N0T lie because you will live in the imagination world. Face the reality. Everyone has their own problems (we are human!), they may cry (do you cry?? Or make people cry for you? Think!), they might ever think the best time to give up, but they didn’t. You know the problem should be faced. Don’t be weak (thumbs up!). And although every human has their own weaknesses, try your best to be strong… REMEMBER YOU ARE NEVER ALONE. HELP YOURSELF, NO ONE WILL HELP YOU.


Memer said...

Something like what we have learned in bibliotheraphy,
"you are not alone in the world or the first person to experience any kind of problem you are facing now"

edz said...

why i cant remember a thing about bibiliotheraphy, i must be sleeping haha! u can remember ya!

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