Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lead your OWN life babes!

How to make my life meaningful?? I try not to do the same things everyday because it’s kinda boring to repeat the same things. If you are a teacher do you want to be a teacher for the rest of your life?? Doctors always help people in hospital but what will happen outside the hospital?? Life is about trying new things and I want to make my life meaningful. Rich people always search for money in life but are they happy?? Do you always jealous with others?? If yes, that shows your life is not meaningful yet because you not content with what you have. In some parts, we need to be jealous with others and improve ourselves especially in education but in life (general) don’t be so jealous because everyone is different. Everyone have their own life, babes! There are a lot of ways to make our life meaningful. One of the ways is we need to have our own time or space that we really like to do, as for example, I like to play futsal; sometimes I write poems and stories. I am a comic collectors (I waste a lot of money on comics; is like a cigarette for me). That’s the only time I think I can release everything out. I can forget all my problems and etc. Maybe it is not meaningful yet for some people but try it out! Do something you enjoy the most. The most important thing is don’t let others influence your decision in life. Be yourself! Speak your mind and you should know yourself better. For information, I am going to join a painting course this semester break, I hope I will experience new things in my life. Always remember don’t be nothing to the world because nothing always come from nothing.


MeMeR said...

good spirit Ed,
keep on blogging,
a good place for you to say out all you need to,

edz87 said...

Thanks for the compliment!! This is the place I can express my thought freely. hehe =P

Yvonne Ling said...

just to let u know that i dropped by =P

MeMeR said...

yeah,the last line you wrote up there sounded kinda familiar to me,but nevermind,hehehe

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